Did you know about this?

I know you've heard it before "You are what you eat"

But have you really thought about why this is? Have you ever taken stock of how you feel after you eat?

I know for a fact there's a huge difference in me when I eat Oreo's and milk VS when I drink Golden milk. After eating foods that are heavily processed, fried, high in bad carbs, etc I tend to feel super lethargic. Like I need a huge power nap right after. Usually, I'll drag my feet and feel sluggish for the next 2-5 hours, depending on the damage I did🤦🏽‍♀️. I notice I have brain fog and I can't really focus on a new task, especially if I have to do any type of creative work (Like typing this post


But when I eat or drink foods that have benefits for my body. Nutrients that fuel and support me in all that I do and am, I feel fearless, unstoppable. Like I can take on the world with just me, myself & I!

Now, let's be real here if your weakness is something like how Oreo's are for me, Don't panic! It's all about balance.

We are living, breathing, human scales and we are constantly tipping the scales to either side. The point is to keep it balanced!

This doesn't necessarily mean you've got the green light to have an all you can eat buffet for the next 72hrs.

But it is a place to start. Meaning, we can only adjust after becoming aware.

Take stock in how you feel after you eat. Keep a journal handy or use an app on your phone to always have it with you.

Learn yourself and your moods via your food journal. Once you start to become aware of how foods make you feel, you can start to see the bigger picture and how you are interconnected with the foods you eat, you can start to adjust.

How do you want to feel when 3PM rolls around and you've got a ton of work to get thru before your workday ends?

Do you want to feel energized, motivated, feel alive? or do you want to be sitting at your desk, staring at your computer screen, pretending to get work done because you actually can't focus on anything other than the fact that you just need a cup of coffee and a nap, at the same time, to make it through?

What mental space do you enjoy most throughout your day? Clarity, bitterness, Focused, brain fog, angry,...

Become vigilant in the things you put in your body. Because what you put in, is what you'll get out of it.

And you are so worth the extra effort!

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